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Jellyfish in a Hexadoku

Just like the Quadruplet pattern, the Jellyfish is extremely rare. Although their probability increases significantly the larger the dimensions of a puzzle, it is still very unusual even in a Hexadoku.

The picture shows a column-oriented Jellyfish in the pink fields. The two paths to solve the pattern are also shown. The yellow field is the only one affected by an elimination. Because of its size the Hexadoku has an extended symbol set (123456789abcdefg).

Here again the criteria, formulated for the column perspective:
We're looking for four columns, in which the same candidate (here b) occurs exactly twice, with the occurences distributed over a total of four lines. If these criteria are met, then the candidate can be eliminated in all fields of the rows that do not belong to the four columns of the Jellyfish.

As you can see the distribution of the occurences over the rows is wonderfully regularly - otherwise the pattern would hardly be the best option.

Sudoku (Hexadoku) example Jellyfish

see also: Generalization: Multidimensional groups



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